February 25, 2024
Director and 0T9 VP, mike.pe@gmail.com

Aloha 1T0s,

I am this year's Orientation Director as well as the 2nd year Vice President and I am so excited for this year's Phrosh Week! As you probably saw from the Phrosh Calendar, we have some great events lined up for you that include a comedy night (where we handpicked two very funny comedians just for you), a hawaiian themed party that will rock your lais off, a graffiti party/karaoke party (your one chance to write friendly/funny/dirty (your choice) messages on each other), and a hypnotist show. Speaking of a hypnotist show, here's a preview:

Instructions: Stare at above image while repeating "I am going to this year's Phrosh Week"

Okay that was cheezy, but I promise you guys better entertainment during Phrosh Week. So I encourage all of you to come out and have one of the most memorable experiences at the Faculty. See you there!

UPS President, andreanarducci@rogers.com

Hey 1T0! Welcome to pharmacy ^^;

My name is Andrea Narducci and I am the Undergraduate Pharmacy Society (UPS) president for the coming school year. UPS is the student council here at the Faculty. I have been helping out on the Frosh committee and I just want to let you know Frosh week is going to be Fantastic! The 0T9s are working very hard . . . and they are so creative! They have a bunch of great ideas for your orientation week. I look forward to meeting many of you in September! Enjoy the rest of your summer ^^;

0T9 Monograph Rep, fong_matt@yahoo.com

Hello all and Congratulations! Matt Fong here. I am one of the many enthusiastic and devoted Phrosh committee members that are here to ensure that you are all in for a great time! I only have one word of advice…get involved and meet people! Pharmacy is a close faculty and you will meet many interesting people in your year and in others as well. Take the time get to know your new friends and potential life mates? Come out and enjoy what pharmacy has to offer!
UPS Social Director, leanne.drehmer@utoronto.ca

My name is Leanne Drehmer and I have been helping out with planning your Phrosh week for September, AND I will also get to be the Phrosh Leader of a few very lucky 1T0s! ;)
Get ready for a battle royale against the other phrosh groups in an awesome Scavenger Hunt that Matt, Sandra and I have concocted for you, and be sure to have your thinking caps on!
The events of phrosh week are action-packed, and the product of a lot of brainstorming - so I hope you enjoy the week and make it a great start to your participation and involvement throughout the year!

Enjoy the week, make lotsa friends, and I'll see you on the Boat Cruise!
0T9 Social Director, srlavora@hotmail.com

Hey Phrosh, my name is Sara Lavoratore! I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Congratulations on getting into pharmacy!!!!! I hope everyone signs up for phrosh as well as the boat cruise because those were my two favourite memories from first year. All the best, and see you in September!
First-Year President, Phrosh Committee Joker, ali_ahmadian07@hotmail.com

Hello 1T0's!

My name's Ali Ahmadian and I was last year's 0T9 Class President and this year I have the honour of acting as the Phrosh Committee Joker. Now I'm certain your mind ponders: "Who is the Phrosh Committee Joker?", "What does he stand for?" and most importantly "Was he self-appointed, because technically the position did not exist?" Well in a nutshell my role, which has been commissioned by the honourable Mike Pe, Phrosh Director, is to entertain the other, more productive members of the Committee by providing some much appreciated comic relief. I like to think of myself as the silly putty that holds the Committee together. Furthermore, I will be a Phrosh Leader during the week-long festivities and will try to find a protege who will carry on my humorous legacy! But on a more serious note, I enthusiastically beseech all of you to sign up for Phrosh and take advantage of this exciting opportunity to have oodles of fun with your fellow classmates!

Waiting to see you all with heart-wrenching anticipation!

Event Helper, marie.irvine@utoronto.ca

Hello everyone! I’m Marie-Hélène but you can just call me Marie! I decided to get involved in planning your Phrosh week this year because I wanted all of you to have a great time with your new pharmacy friends, just like I did last year! You will get to meet me at the info fair on Friday where I will have a CAPSI booth! (You will soon find out more about CAPSI!!) My goal this year is to give you a lot of information about all the different committees, groups and events that you can get involved in throughout your UofT Pharmacy years!
Phrosh Treasurer, sandra.ng@utoronto.ca

Congratulations 1T0s! My name is Sandra Ng, and along with the other fabulous Phrosh committee members, I've been helping to plan an awesome week for you guys! Phrosh Week is a great opportunity to meet your classmates, future housemates/husbands-wives, or friends for life =) During your first year, you will meet lots of new friends, and make many new memories, starting with Phrosh Week! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I hope to see you all at the festivities!
Phrosh Secretary, 0T9 Female Athletic Rep, seema.mistry@utoronto.ca

Hey all you newcomers, congratulations on getting into pharmacy. Hope you all relaxed and enjoyed your summer because here comes the first week of the rest of your lives. Kick off the year with lots of laughing, dancing, shouting, and sweating during the first week of September. All of our hard work in planning phrosh is all for you babe! be sure to show off your skills on the beach and at the luau. Hang loose!
Phrosh Webmaster, allegra.connor@gmail.com

Hi, I'm Allegra, aka fexofenadine (don't ask, you'll find out). My interests include taking long walks along Ashbridge's Bay and swimming in its polluted water.^^; I also enjoy making websites, painting, singing, playing guitar, and spending endless hours planning phrosh week events, such as the comedian (my former gym teacher, as it happens, go figure), icebreakers and cheers, Ashbridge's Bay, Hawaiian themed party, Scavenger hunt, hypnotist, and the SAC Parade. My innovation this year is spirit money, so we'll see how that works out!