April 23, 2024

Here's some helpful definitions to go with your summer mailing! Consider it your glossary/thesaurus! Compliments of the phrosh council!!

The Key
The pharmacy "phonebook", a student directory that you will receive in the fall, in which you can find your fellow students' personal contact information.
CPR/First Aid
You must complete this in order to do your community site visits in second term. Did you register yet? Save a ton of money by signing up to do it with your fellow classmates!
The Monograph
The pharmacy student magazine/newsletter! Run for monograph editor on your class council, or just submit articles/poetry/art to be featured in hundreds of copies distributed around our faculty to every class!
The Pharmakon
The pharmacy student yearbook. Run for the position of pharmakon editor on your class council, or just submit your pharmacy event photos throughout the year! You can sign up to purchase a copy in the fall.
The Undergraduate Pharmacy Society is the student council for the pharmacy student body. They plan social, athletic, and professional events throughout the year.
The Annual Pharmacy Interprofessional Boat Cruise
A chance to dine and dance under the stars on a 2-level boat around Toronto Harbour and the Island lagoons! Schmooze with your new classmates, pharmacy students from upper years, as well as students from other health care professions! On Friday, September 22nd, get ready to ROCK THE BOAT! Did you get your tickets yet??? (details for registration in your UPS summer mailing!)
Big Siblings
Each first year student is assigned to a second year student to "show them the ropes". Your big sibling will be the source of information (and textbooks!) to ease your transition into our wonderful faculty!
Official Name Tags
Must be worn on the free lab coat which you will receive at the 1T0 Induction Ceremony. Must be worn during your second term pharmacy labs.
Pharmacy Phollies
The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy student talent show. Take part or some see it! Coming soon in november ...
The Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns: they promote and advocate the interests of pharmacy students in Canada
The International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation, which aims to promote the interests of pharmacy students across 61 countries, as well as encourage international exchange (Visit www.ipsf.org).
The Ontario Pharmacists' Association, which advocates for pharmacists' rights in Ontario.
The Canadian Pharmacists' Association: basically a national OPA! It is the national voice of pharmacists.
The Ontario College of Pharmacists: the licensing body for pharmacists to ensure pharmacists perform their professional responsibilities to the public.
The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties is the "Bible" of Pharmacy. It contains information on a wide variety of pharmaceutical products available in Canada.
The Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary/Comparative Drug Index: a list of drugs mandated in Ontario, those that are covered by public health insurance, and those that are interchangeable (which can be dispensed in place of those prescribed).